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About Us



The current consumer no longer needs help to look for the information he needs. The demands of the market have brought about the accessibility of information and this has also brought with it a series of instruments which enable the consumer to make the best choices. Today, all around the world we have witnessed concepts in which the consumer opinion is present.

More than ever before, it is not enough for the brands to say things – they need to prove their promises, their value propositions and the benefits to the consumer – highlighting the consumer who increasingly conveys his/her power through the authority entrusted to him/her.

Its objective is to promote companies and differentiate them on the respective markets in line with specific attributes and contribute to a better consumption clarification for consumer.

It is the legitimization of consumer power, their satisfaction, a condition for the companies to be maintained on the market. It is casting vote and a vote of trust in the brands when they voluntarily adhere to said ballots. It is the answer to the requirements of a consumer who is increasingly demanding.


The “Consumer Choice” consists on the assessing system of the level regarding satisfaction and acceptability of products and services for their individual attributes, with the guarantee that they are assessed, always, for consumers with current experience consumption and acquiring products or services reviewed. In the “Consumer Choice”, competition is always evaluated, which makes its methodology the most unbiased and credible.

An initiative to succeed where the winners are determined by consumer experience – ensuring those who purchase – and whose importance weights on this purchasing decision, as well as on business improvement process.

Every year the “Consumer Choice” brings together the opinions, perceptions and expectations through a process of selection and evaluation Purpose, Rigorous and Representative that seeks to recognize the satisfaction of the brand. The research method determines the players, ultimately selects the leading companies and establishes the winner within each category.

  • - Promote the brands which have products and services with high degree of satisfaction and acceptability towards consumers, finding the "Brands Awarded by Consumer Choice" in different categories and market segments;
    - To help consumers make better purchasing decisions and making the sae buy based on other people evaluation.

  • Promoting evaluation of consumer satisfaction with products and services through independent consumer testing techniques, which require the actual trial, thus ensuring that the assessment was correct and free.

  • The "Consumer Choice" focuses on the entire universe of products and services available in the market, regardless of the distribution channel, physical or legal, aiming at the calculation of an index of customer satisfaction nationally representative.

  • The "Consumer Choice" is annual and covers various sectors of economic activity:
    - INDUSTRY (Food, Home Care, Personal Care, Cosmetics, Equipment, Furniture)
    - TRADE (specialized and non-specialized retail, traditional and modern)
    - SERVICES (Banking, Insurance, Fuel, Communications, Transportation, Entertainment)
    All products and services available in the market are eligible to participate.