What is ConsumerChoice?

The "ConsumerChoice" is a system of evaluation and classification of brands based on the satisfaction and acceptance that they generate among consumers, with the sole objective of determining the degree of satisfaction and acceptability of consumers in relation to a product or service, helping them make a CONSCIOUS purchase.


We carry out independent and statistically representative studies with consumers, using evaluation techniques appropriate to the category. In 3 stages, we identify the brand with the highest degree of satisfaction and acceptability in the category:

1. Identification

Identification of the attributes most valued by consumers, when they think about their relationship with the category in question.

2. Classification

Classification of importance of attributes previously identified as most valued.

3. Evaluation

Evaluation of experience with the main brands in the category, evaluating and scoring them against their performance in the most valued attributes.

ConsumerChoice is the brand that has the highest rating in the evaluation made by consumers.

Brands that trust us

Sales Impact*

* Information provided by the winning brands in Portugal in 2019
Cosmetic/aesthetic sector
15% to 20%
Banking sector
15% to 20%
Specialized retail sector
5% to 10%
Food industry
5% ato15%
Telecommunications sector
Automotive sector and related
Insurance sector
10% to 15%

Where we are?

ConsumerChoice proudly serves as the standard of consumer confidence in 4 countries and growing. Find out where ConsumerChoice can be found today.

Escolha do Consumidor – Portugal

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Elección del Consumidor – España

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Wybor Konsumenta – Polonia

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Consumer Choice – Rumania

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